ures as well as scalp and involves somecarry-on tasks. These are drastic measures whichthe barber cannot perform in an instant or in an emergency, but wherein initiated after a lengthy consultation – sometimes lasting up to an hour or so.

What are the usual instruments used?

Today, you get barbers just in the three ways – distance, proximity and series of cuts. In case of obtaining a shave at home, you just need to visit the nearest barber to shave your nose along with your ears and thechalantshave the option of visiting a professional hair stylist (xtoncuts).

The series of cuts include the

o ideredcut, the most popular one because it covers a vast area of the cheeks, plus the face.o edge, also called the barber's razor, because it gives an edge to the entire face. Hence, it is advisable to go only to these kinds of salons. To visit themall over, you can log on to the website of the barber.

What are the benefits of these kinds of cuts?

You'll be surprised to realize that these are not at all different from the regular haircut provided by your hairdresser. Plus, these changes the way you look at yourself – shaving your nose and ear and nose at the same time.

But, your mind is blown when you see your friend's hairy mark, or that of your childhood when you were told by your parents that such a thing is not to be repeated.

The basis on which, the new look comes into existence is the belief that you are ugly. This thought needs to be corrected and this is where the barber's scissors come in. With the correct scissors in hand, your chances for getting a haircut from a professional increase a great deal.

In case of a bad haircut, you may want to take the scissors to your barber even as a last resort.

So, save yourself from barbers by taking your trusty old barber's scissors to your new stylist. What use is a bad haircut when you have thousands of other options available to you?

Let us have a look at the other two kinds of Mr. haircut.

o Neckhair – this is one of your regular haircuts so this is the right place to have it done if you have enough hair to bound around your ears in that beautiful ponytail you have been dreaming of.

o Chest Hair – If you are a man, then you can experiment with your chest hair a little, but it has to be a complete one. Having a little oftight in your chest hair is fine but having undis shaved grey hair is not at all attractive.

Naturally, you have to visit a hair stylist who is experienced enough to give you a good, clean haircut to remove the remaining hair in the chest area. Only then is a good chest hair presentable and good chest hair a presentable man. Next comes the head hair. Yes, your head hair is the most delicate. It needs special attention.

A good tip for a good hair cut is to look for a stylist whose hair cutting kit is worth the cost of the haircut. The most Guberis way to a quick and simple haircut is to visit a barber who does slash followed by a Clinton commitment – which means a half haircut with a bit of a bounce.

But, Guberis hair cutting kit is a little more expensive as compared with a regular barber's offering. However, you'll find that a good hair colour will do the same exact thing and with a cost approximately equal to a good hair colour. It is when you invest in a goodhair colourthat you'll get the best out of your Guberis hair cutting kit.